2019 Annual Congregational Meeting

Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church
Congregational Meeting, Sanctuary, March 10, 2019

The meeting was called to order by Andrew Taylor-Troutman at 11:45 AM.  He led the opening prayer.  Marcia Ladd agreed to serve as Clerk and declared a quorum. The meeting was approved by session February 18, 2019 and announced to the congregation one two subsequent Sundays.

The purpose of the meeting was to vote to approve the Annual Report, elect the slate of officers who will start to serve in June of 2019 and vote on the slight change in the terms for call for the Pastor. It also served as the annual meeting of the corporation. Andrew announced there were copies of the Annual Report that the ushers could distribute to anyone who wanted them, and that Nana had sent out the report earlier in the week. Andrew called the vote and approval of the Annual Report passed unanimously.

Andrew asked Barbara Strange to present the slate of officers from the Nominating Committee. She presented the following slate:


Keith Glidewell
Bruce Raymond
Mary Roodkowsky


Susie Park
Mary Donna Pond
Vicky Raymond
Emily Williams

Hearing no nominations from the floor, the slate passed unanimously. Andrew asked Barbara to present the slate for the Nominating Committee for the upcoming year. She presented the following slate

Nominating Committee:

Barbara Strange (chair)
Lou Brock
Anne Henkels
John McDowell (Session representative)
Madeline Schalk (Diaconate representative)
Lee Werley

Hearing no nominations from the floor, Andrew called for the vote. The slate was passed unanimously.

Andrew asked John McDowell, vice moderator, forward to call for a vote on Andrew’s terms of call. John asked Jerry to explain the changes. Jerry said that Andrew’s new terms of call, included a 3.2% raise, the addition of dental and vision coverage. His effective salary is $74450 with dental coverage of $1632, his Continuing Education Budget was reduced from $3000 last year to $1300 this year to compensate for the Dental Insurance. Jerry asked if there were any questions. Karen Fisher asked Jerry to clarify that the benefits covered the whole family which they do. John called for the vote and the terms passed unanimously.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned with a prayer by John at 11:40 AM. He asked those present to join us in the Fellowship Hall for lunch

Respectively submitted

Marcia Ladd

Clerk of session

Approved session 3/18/19