***We’ve suspended our church nursery and Sacred Arts Table due to the pandemic.
As soon as we can safely serve our children, we’ll reopen these programs.***

Chapel in the Pines Policy on Children and Youth Protection and Care (click here)

Children in Worship

Children are welcome at Chapel in the Pines with all the energy, enthusiasm, wisdom, and vocalization they bring to worship. The Time With Children is a special part of our worship service when children and youth are invited to gather at the front of the congregation for a special message tailored for young folks. Following the Time with Children, young children are invited to sit at the Sacred Arts Table, or re-join their parents. If you have questions, suggestions or concerns, please contact Joelle Brummitt-Yale, Director of Christian Education (click here for email or by phone at  (919) 250-8268.


This service is available every Sunday during Church School and Worship for children through age 4. Our competent paid staff and volunteers will lovingly care for your young child(ren).