Elders and Deacons

Our Elders and Deacons


    TERM THROUGH    Elders
 Through May 2018   Lynne Hoerter
Al Schalk
Barbara Strange
  Carl “Chick” Biddulph
Mary Donna Pond
Peggy Wilkerson
 Through May 2019   Karen Atkins
Monty Brekke (partial term)
Maggie Reif (on leave)
Terry Rudolph
  Elizabeth dePrater
Gail King
Garrett Southerland
  Through May 2020   Stan Campbell
Paul Isom
John McDowell
  Madeline Schalk
Susie Smith
Vince Walker

The Session also serves as the Board of Trustees.  Officers for 2017-2018 are:

Al Schalk, President
John McDowell, Vice President
Marcia Ladd, Secretary
Jerry Wehmueller, Treasurer

Nominating Committee, 2016-17

Heather Bogan (session representative)
Karen Fisher
Sally Wehmueller (Chair)
Bruce Raymond
Ron Greene
Eilean Yates
Peggy Wilkerson (deacon representative)

Nominating Committee, 2017-18

Heather Bogan (Chair)
Karen Fisher
Bruce Raymond
Ron Greene
Eilean Yates
Al Schalk (session representative)
Peggy Wilkerson (deacon representative)


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